We know this is a bold claim! And, it’s true that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, or in our case, the designer. So we aren’t just saying it, it’s what we strive to create and what we hear from our customers – “Your designs are beautiful!” When we design jewelry we try to create pieces that allow the natural elements to shine. With our jewelry that might mean simply featuring a stunning natural stone as a focal or aligning gorgeous semi-precious beads in leather - the combinations are endless. With our home goods, we are often inspired by hand loomed textiles in patterns and colors that tell a story and give us joy. Our minds are always thinking about and creating our next handmade treasure. It’s the desire to create something beautiful that drives us forward.

Always Beautiful 

It is our Creator Who inspires us most, so it makes sense that nature is the source of most of the elements we use in our pieces. Natural stone beads and elements boast some of the most ethereal colors and hues of the earth and sky along with textures and other qualities. Blues, greens, purples, reds and yellows, are nature’s palette. We need look no further than that when searching for inspiration and materials for our handmade designs.

Always Natural

Always Handmade

One of the things our clients tell us when they look at our designs is "It looks like a lot of work! It looks handmade." And we take that as a compliment. Our jewelry has always been handmade by us and our family and friends. It’s how we started in business, we designed and made leather and bead wrap jewelry. Now, we still make everything ourselves but have added beautiful handmade textiles and bags. 



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