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I have always loved to design, decorate and all things “textured”. My family always made fun of me for how I always chose things that were “textured”. Over the years, I have helped many friends redesign, redecorate and renovate their homes and décor. My background was in administration and then flying the friendly skies as a flight attendant.

It wasn’t until getting pregnant with our second child that I suffered a stroke and decided to stay home and raise our two sons. Once they were out of the nest, I started looking for things to do with my extra time. I always wanted to start my own business doing something that could utilize my creative side and create products that people would use and love as much as I do.  

In September of 2014, I happened to be at a festival and saw these incredible bracelets! They were beautiful and had “texture”! After searching “Wrapped To Wear” online, following them and purchasing several bracelets over the next few months, I finally asked if I could start working for them and began in May of 2015. I always joke that I was their best customer even though I quickly learned that was what a lot of their customers said. Since then I got the opportunity to co-own Wrapped To Wear, fulfilling that desire I’ve always had to create and better yet, doing it with my dear friend, Lora. God has blessed me beyond words.  

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As a young girl, I spent many summers taking road trips with my family. One of our regular stops was at Stuckey’s. Do you remember that place? White divinity fudge and pecan logs were typically the draw but for me, it was the vats of polished rocks and stones. I loved sinking my hands deep into the vat and feeling the cool, smooth sides of the stones and checking out the colors, striations and uniqueness of each rock! It thrilled me then, and stones and rocks continue to thrill me today. It’s that love of stones that motivated me to pursue jewelry making over 20 years ago. About 10 years ago I became a wrap enthusiast when my close friend and founder of Wrapped to Wear taught me the craft of sewing leather and beads together to make wraps – the design combinations and features seemed endless! I started my own Wrapped to Wear “franchise” about seven years ago and at the beginning of 2020, my business partner, Traci Eisenmann, and I acquired the Wrapped to Wear business from its founder, Lesa Gary.  

I have worked all of my life in business and finance. I spent the last 26 years of my career working for a large financial firm doing legal and compliance work. Given the analytical focus of my career, Wrapped to Wear has been a fun and necessary creative outlet for me, but it was part-time. After retiring in 2019 it didn’t take me long to determine that a full-time creative venture was next for me. Acquiring Wrapped to Wear, teaming up with my dear friend, Traci, has provided a foundation from which to grow and further hone my craft! I’m thankful to God for this blessing.  

My designs are inspired by God’s beautiful creation. I give Him all credit for anything that comes from my mind and hands that moves others. My designs start with natural stones and beads, from there color and texture are my inspiration. I think most of my designs lean toward a more organic, often edgy vibe.

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